Tank – ​ Project Announcement!

This is the series where I share the development story of “Tank”, the second game of the JAG (Just Another Game) project. Once in a while you can see some coding tutorial, I want to warn you up front!


Hi everyone, I am Omer, project lead of our three-man team. We are delighted to announce our new project, Just Another Game: Tank or with the abbreviation we use among ourselves: JAG: Tank.

A Few Forewords

It has been a few weeks since we finished our first game of the series called Pong. It was a fun project to start with. We achieved our primary goal which was publishing a full featured game. When I’ve started to the project, my personal intentions were;

  1. Deep dive in the unity physics and shader graph.
  2. Gather and create a running core team which is capable to finish an actual project.
  3. Experience the full cycle of a game publishing so I can have a better understanding that what can go wrong.

From the time I had a bit of confidence in my unity and C# abilities, I’ve tried to join in indie projects. Less of a shocker, almost all of them failed. Even I’ve had a great deal of experience which I couldn’t get from any tutorial or books, I’ve never finished a published game. I sucked up my pride and started over.

First thing I did was calling my colleague (whom another game dev hobbyist) if he would be interested in small but full-featured and ready to publish/sell games. We’ve come up with a list of game ideas. They were all done to the death. We didn’t care if we could’ve turned them in a paying gig. Still, we put a few benchmarks to decide otherwise. It was easy to execute: We will finish and publish our game in itcho.io. If we see enough interest and support from the community, then we would consider putting more effort and expectations into the project. In the case with ‘JAG Pong’ this was not it. We had only 30 views and 7 downloads to this day. But, with ‘JAG Tank’ I am more optimistic.

Why do we name as ‘Just Another Game’?

The obvious reason is that any of these games are not what we dreamt of. I believe these projects will make us one step closer to our dream game. Fingers crossed!

In these projects we don’t invent the wheel, we are just focused on understanding the existing game mechanics and trying to improve by our selves. In each project we also add something from ourselves too. In Pong it was the power-up system. In Tank we are considering to adopt the creep system of DOTA to Tank Battle Royale. Also, I want to design a GOAP, decision tree mashed up system for AI. In future devlogs I’ll explain how this goes.

What can you expect from this project?

Well, this project will finish in 10 weeks. You can check our progress in Trello page. Tolga is implementing Photon Real-time Multiplayer system to the game. With my current AI plan, you’ll have both options available.

Jesse has a genuine talent for 3d models. He already finished first version for our 3 Tank models. Check out here:

In Pong game I was impressed with Tolga’s capability as an audio technical artist. I am eager to see how he will work with the audio assets.

JAG part of this project will be free forever. You’ll be able to download it from itch.io. But for multiplayer part, since we are using only the free plan: Only 20 people at a time will enjoy the multiplayer aspect. But, don’t worry! I am working on a single player AI. You can still test our game in offline mode.

You will have 2 maps to play with: One forest and one ruined city map. The creep system is a stretch assignment. So unless we have enough hype for this game, we will not go through with it. Our minimal requirement for this game is 1500 view hit for blog/videos. Maybe you can offer us another goal?

We will do fewer development updates comparing to the Pong game. Devlogs will be in English (So please be aware of that English is not my native language). We spend so much time on every-week devlogs in contrast it felt non-rewarding. In this project, we will only focus on what matters rather than trying to spill everything we did. We are also planning to publish YouTube videos too. Stay tuned.

How can you help us?

First of all, this is a free game. We are not expecting any payment at all. At least in this phase. We are hoping that you will play our game and let us know what you think of it – when we publish it.

We are making this game and others for 2 groups. One who would see our dedication and want to join our team. Two who love video games. You can help us by spreading the word.

Lastly, the path we take is meaningless without you. We are sharing our dream, our ambition and our efforts only to connect with you. So please reach us. Tell us about yourself. Contribute to our dream with your constructive criticism and idea. I am glad that you spend your time with this announcement, with us. Thank you!


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Chasing medicine, games and life it self, he who, thinks frequently, writes sometimes but dreams a lot. Determined to exercise one day so he can still play games when he is 75.

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