Epidemiology is my livelihood, training and passion. I want to advocate this to my countrymen and then to the world. So most of the stuff will be in Turkish. But my main original articles will be in English.

Game Development

Game development is my shameless hobby. Which always stayed THE only constant thing amoung my all fickle interests. I learned this and still improving myself in English. So you can be sure that if you find any Turkish posts, an english translation will follow it.


I am not a native English speaker and barely write in Turkish. So until I find courage to do otherwise, all my posts will be in Turkish.


Simply not decided how to move on with this topic. Please bare with me!


Hey guys!

Omer here, an epidemiologist and self-taught game developer. My professional background comprises medico-marketing, pharmacoepidemiology and biostatistics. I aim for my work to be innovative and impactful above anything else. But my true passion is challenging my cognitive limits by exploring new things every other moment. I would be delighted to share this journey with you.

I am always keen for a collaborative opportunity. So if you have any idea or want join on any of my projects or even just want to talk, hit me back.

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