About Me

Dear Visitor,


Hi! I am a public health specialist whom focused on health informatics, epidemiology, clinical trials, biostatistics, data analytics and so on. I have a passion for health informatic related innovations. Currently trying to improve my self in computer programming (C#) and big data analytics. In this simple website I’ll reveal you my ongoing journey and share what I think is fascinating. So I am thankful for your interest. Please bear with me…


As far as it goes, I never liked or wanted to be a clinician. For me figures, plans, ideas, projects and theories were more interesting then a single patient. Unlike my colleagues, I never felt ‘the satisfaction’ in diagnoses that a doctor should’ve felt . Planning a treatment or writing prescriptions were never my strongest suit. Therefore during my medical education I always looked a way out of from all this ‘doctoring’.

Approaching to the end of my compulsory service, I was certain that this path was not right for me at all. So I took a leap of faith an resign from my public service as a family doctor and chief of medicine. I must add a short anecdote in here: There were only 6 physicians in my county hospital. So being a chief of medicine was not a big deal.

After my resignation I moved back to my family and start searching my path. Due economic reasons I had to work as an emergency physician in private hospital. You can see the irony here. But less than two years I managed to get a job in a Swiss IT company as a Medical Coordinator and start my masters in public health. In addition, I finished project management,  basic programming (C#), editorship and culinary training.


At the end of the 2014 I met an incredible woman which I fall in love at first sight. Now, at the end of 2016 I am happily married with this wonderful bride and adopt two dog and a budgie. From now on, I  can feel the rising new phase in my life.

With this website I invite you to my journey and hope to reach you. Learn from you. I will share my findings with you as much as possible. I hope it helps individuals who looks for something more than he/she has. Because I believe, we grow as we share.

Thank you in advance.

Abdullah Ömer Şeker, MD. MPH.